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PROTOS.G - secure supply and save costs

The increasing shortage of specialists and the resulting drastic reduction in the number of practices, as well as the aging society and the resulting increase in the need for diagnosis, are creating high additional burdens - for patients and for health insurance companies. This is exactly where PROTOS.G comes in. The flexibility offered by the mobile eye center can compensate for the shortage of practices.

PROTOS.G – Structural change in the region

An increasing lack of specialist practices, the resulting shortage of specialists, excessively long waiting times, increasing patient discontent - this is the current state of affairs in many regions of Germany.The solution: If patients no longer have a doctor to go to, a healthcare provider must come to them. And that means a mobile, state-of-the-art ophthalmological diagnostic center. This ensures flexible care, especially in underserved, very rural regions, when it is needed.

PROTOS.G – Employer Brand Value

Often, client appointments, a busy calendar, and a lack of specialty practices in the area prevent employees from visiting a specialty practice. Whether employees work in an office, on an assembly line, or in a warehouse, they all need the important regular eye exam sooner or later.PROTOS.G facilitates these important exams as an employer branding measure to sincerely value health. The fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile diagnostic center gives you the opportunity to conveniently provide your workers with on-site eye exams.

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Features of PROTOS.G

Truck mit mobilem Augenzentrum fährt auf Straße

Germany's first mobile eye-care

There is a shortage of medical specialists everywhere -especially in rural areas. Either capacities are overloaded and patients can no longer be admitted or practices are closing because no successor can be found. In the next few years, the number of missing ophthalmologist practices is expected to increase continuously - currently we are already at about 100. This is where PROTOS.G comes in. The innovative, mobile and diagnostically highly modern eye center replaces these missing practices.

Ansicht Truck mit mobilem Augenzentrum

Ultra-modern and holistic

PROTOS.G is the first fully equipped ophthalmic practice to enter the market. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and innovative equipment, nothing is missing here. Even the most sensitive diagnostic equipment can be transported safely. And wherever there is a need. The space in the PROTOS.G is used so optimally that there are even various separate areas for diagnostics and evaluation of findings.

Ansicht Abladen des mobilen Augenzentrums

Flexible and barrier-free

The PROTOS.G stands for the highest standards. Not only for medical, but also in terms of availability and use. Accessibility therefore played a decisive role in its development. Since the average age of the rural population is usually higher, but that is precisely where most specialists are lacking, the PROTOS.G is naturally barrier-free.

Ansicht Untersuchung im mobilen Augenzentrum

Individual and personal

The diagnostic equipment at PROTOS.G is operated by trained specialists. Patients sit down on a comfortable swivel chair in the middle of a roundel on which the various state-of-the-art equipment is mounted. Depending on which examination is to be performed, the required equipment can be reached with ease. As soon as the examinations are completed, the results are digitally forwarded to the responsible specialist on a secure software platform. The patient then receives his findings and a specialist recommendation in the shortest possible time.

Ansicht Sprechstunde im mobilen Augenzentrum

Privacy is a matter of course

Patients are then transferred to a separate area where they sit in front of a screen. The physician is connected via video telephone and discusses the findings with the patient. This allows licensed specialists from anywhere in Germany to provide telemedical care to PROTOS.G patients. Even doctors who are already retired and want to work on an hourly basis or those who are on parental leave are given the opportunity to help where it is needed most.

Shortage of physicians, resulting structural change in the health care system and under-supply, especially of specialists in rural areas, are among the biggest problems in the medical field. I have found a solution for this. PROTOS.G - the first mobile eye-care.

Simo Murovski
Specialist in ophthalmology
Portrait von Simo Murovski

Initiator and founder of PROTOS.G

Good day! I would like to introduce myself briefly at this point. My name is Simo Murovski. I am a practicing ophthalmologist and owner of the Eye Center Erzgebirge since 2012. I live together with my wife in the beautiful Ore Mountains. Especially here in the villages and small towns more and more ophthalmological practices are disappearing. People are desperately looking for help with their medical problems. And I would like to help these people. With PROTOS.G I am realizing a project of my heart, which counteracts exactly these problems and makes medical care accessible everywhere again.

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